Adguard Premium v2 portable torrent

Adguard Premium RC (blocking ads without Root)

Requirements: Android +

Blocking ads without Root

Adguard give you protection and management quickly and without the input filter to upload your web pages. Adguard remove all the annoying ads, block download malicious web pages, and no one to monitor your online activities.

At the processing site, Adguard do several things:

1. Remove spots and Vonlayn tracking codes directly from this page.

2.Pemeriksaan page to our database of phishing andmalicious site.

3. Utafitikupakuliwa applications from unknown sources.

What’s new:

increasing isolation # 673

Notice of the expiry of the license number 606

prevent annoying video in News # 711


Unlocked PREMIUM | No credit plastered Watermark



Adguardzabezpechuyutvy and reliable protection and management quickly and without filter discs andaloading site. Adguard remove all the annoying ads, block download malicious web pages,and not allowing anyone to monitor your online activities.


– Farajana security

– You will be amazed at how much more comfortable and secure Internet, once you set Adguard.

– Adguard for Windows

– Important changes to the list of benefits: less spozhyvannyapam’yat, we introduce a new bonus spots to easily filter, enhanced integration of WOT is different now, Add new sokonganuntuk browser, conflicts with popular programs and defects in processing queries and more permanent.

– Reducedmemory usage

– We significantly optimized memory usage. Now, even if you are using an old computer or a weak, Adguard buried back without slowing down your device. We porivnyalyObsyah memory and one of the original versions. And we must say that the result is several times lower.

– More ads filter

– In addition, Adguard be more menyeluruhprogram. Users can now configure filter ads.This mean? In addition to the filters already installed in Adguarddefault, you can add a third party, such as a list of filters that allow you to block ads Adguard in different groups in different Internet saytivmovy certain. All this can be done directly in the program, simply select the one you want and click Add selected.

– Indicates danger

– Integration with Web Amanahkini done in different compounds, which can be turned off. Also be warned when visiting suspicious websites have changed. With WOT, Adguard we can kujuawewewas one of the characteristics of the site and because of that saytyak considered suspicious. Categories suspicion may, in particular, fraud, potentially unlawful, unethical or misleading statements, poor customer service, privacy and other risks.


1.Dondoo and install

2. Tutupdan copy patch installation folder

3. Run the patch as administrator

4. Patch and wait for finish

5. Finish.

Adguard Premium v2

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  • Adguard Premium v2 download torrent

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