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Age of Empires II HD Edition is a new version of Age of Empires II, the most popular strategy game in real time. His name (HD Edition) shows that, theoretically speaking, high definition graphics needs new. And we say “theoretically” because while the game is still as great as in 1999, this new version offers change too small to accommodate graphical we do not know why he wurde.In called “HD Edition” for this download AOE II worth it? Leaveus know.

theClassicy last game away playability, Age of Empires II is still one game lead in strategic real-time, even though it was in 1999. AOE II is facing one of the pioneers forces and hundreds of units, significantly Epic Schlachten. Age of Empires II is paused right strategy game. R D is more common civilization. Because this sport is Schachspiele.AoE deep II also very replayable: yakeKampeni is long and complex, random map function comprisesa, and in the case of the versionThis, two of their expansion (Age of Kings and conquerors). In this regard, Age of Empires II HD Edition offers despite flawless playability. So where is the problem?

RemakeDas evil Age of Empires major problem for HD Edition II is that its new product will justify its existence. Starter: You probably expect kawaidaupya graphics in high definition, right? The problem is that AOE II being HD textures. Rather, some details have been slightly retouched, so yfel fire or water. inaddition to the original sound effects and voices are alike, and already in 1999 he was blowing a bit. But not ending frustrations of Age of Empires version here.The II in 1999, he had some mistakes that were never solved, as well as possible the maximum number of special units to combat nayo.HD Edition these include bugs. And what’s worse: He adds any features for quick access button for automatic search or necessary. It was notsufficient time to debug the game! The only bethsydd Age of Empires II is the HD edition of importance is that it is compatible with the Steam Workshop, so users new maps, new campaigns and even new methods created (some have the opportunity to play for AOE II created!). This feature of Age of Empires II even longer.

mashabikikuja RettungAge of Empires II HD Edition is the best game in a bad remake. But thanks to the Steam Workshop user, this remake is worth. Fans yetold unofficial patches create the actual game foderngraffeg. We can say that the circle closes: Debt Strategy fan as old as Empires II Age of Empires II HD Edition due supporters strategy.

Age of Empires II HD 1

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  • Age of Empires II HD 1 download torrent

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