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Aviary Photo Editor is a graphical editor straightforward and fast for Windows 8. It has no effect and the degree of customization Photoshop or GIMP, but very bright for the novice user. Aviary Photo Editor is a powerful application for free and have a practical, no frills addition to your library.

fiturAviary Photo Editor has found a number of basic functions in most photo software. You can change the direction of the image, crop, or to the contrast, and to adjust the brightness. Aviary Photo Editor offers filters and effects to change hue or creating a uniform illumination. This filter can be used several times, further increasing level. Often using Aviary Photo Editor filter to quickly make images look realistic or menghantui.Ada selection of stickers to add raster image, such as hats, ties, and arrows. However, all these stickers are so obvious that they compare each image cartoons, regardless of filtering. Aviary Photo Editor contains text and drawing tools, but the lack of fur and color palette is generally restricted to producing exceptional biasa.Akhirnya, Aviary Photo Editor has the means to red eye, whiten teeth removal, spot. These instruments have a rather large diameter, making it difficult to precisely manipulate small images. Aviary Photo Editor is best to work faster and easier than a detailed project plan.

kegunaanAviary Photo Editor layout is unusual for photo editing. Figure you’re editing is placed in the center of the screen and the lower beam organization. The most obvious omission is the lack of zooming or scrolling image. This makes it very difficult to properly edit a small image, or apply more detailed editing. drawing tools Aviary Photo Editor has only six sizes, with smaller sizes are generally too large for many pekerjaan.Aviary Photo Editor swell from other instruments such as plants and slider. Crop tool is separated into three by three grid, so it is easy to see what will be recorded and deducted. If you do not want to pull out of the region, you can quickly choose the direction ditetapkan.Kecerahan, contrast, saturation and sharpness are all controlled by big slide. By using this feature to implement a preview of the changes. It is very easy to change and the changes you are not satisfied with undo. You do not need to save an image or name for each job saved.

KualitasAviary Photo Editor Windows 8 seems to fit more modern UI application. large square icons presented against the background of gray. As further edits are saved, they will appear in the box on the right. You can compare easily browse images, or find what you need. completed image quality is dependent on the original image. Even without having to save the environment is compressed into small sizes of PNG.

KesimpulanAviary Photo Editor is an editing tool for both novice users who want to edit quickly. It is an accurate description of other photo software, making it unsuitable for complex projects. To crop just the level, or change direction and want a good compression Aviary Photo Editor prove to be a useful application.

Aviary Photo Editor 1

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