Baidu Browser Baidu Spark Browser 43 Portable Download

Baidu Browser (before Baidu Browser Spark) is a web browser based on Chromium, the same engine that powers Google Chrome. Attractive design, interchangeable skins and better integration with Facebook and video download feature makes Baidu browser worth trying.

Like Chrome, but with more features

Take Chrom, add some interesting features and sign up, then koetoBaidu lead any browser.

The software includes a sidebar What you got fastAccess to bookmarks and downloads, azome page extension feature and give aFacebook widget that allows you to view real time in social stream.

Baidu Browser, you can use the mouse to perform specific actions, such as closing changes that open a new tab or forward and backward. The tamper pads provided are all explained in the instrument section in the settings. However, you can not create new user gestures.

Baidu browser interfaceProvides a Media button that allows you to download videos from the webpage you are viewing.

Another useful feature is to mute all sections of useful functions when creating any number of cards and I do not know where the nasty zvukdoshlo.

Like Chrome, Baidu Browser allows you to access the network from the most visited places when you open a blank card open (New Tab).

Finally, include a Baidu browser equipped with taking pictures. Stop page or entire screen. Also integrates a number of keyRetouch tool or text, colors and other image features to badatdobavite.

Designed for you

The interface is almost identical to Chrome, but with a youthful design. If the electrical blue (standard color) not to your liking, do not worry, Baidu Browser includes several skins that are able to select the button next to the bookmark.

The rest of the side can be turned on or off. Kopchetavircapturingscreenshots or download videos clearly visible on the address bar.


In general, Baidu Browser is a very successful browser. Facebook integration works well, and the sidebar is helpful without interfering with the browser.

Download the videoEn capture screen functions are helpful and always under the cancer.zhest mouse to advise the usability of the browser.

Finally, Baidu Browser is the recommended solution for those who have a viable alternative to popular Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Demand. This not only prevents anything slowing underWith regard to quality and speed while browsing the internet, it has addedadded enhancements to improve online experience.

Baidu Browser Baidu Spark Browser 43

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