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In an era where complexity is seen as beauty with a degree in computer science may be a bad idea, sometimes it is best to return to the base. Straight calculator in the esophagus of fresh air. It’s as simple as it can be without calculator abacus. It is clear in the appearance of basic calculator operation hygienically clean.

Do what has to happen Calculator

Link has deep square knopky17: AKifungo those sentenced to imprisonment«C», to delete the last buttons for frequently used mathematical functions and finally, and perhaps the most important symbol “OK”. Manipulation in balance These buttons allow the user to unlimited computing for a long time are complexer than simple multiplying or sharing is not connected. The use of a device so simple, of course, a man will see which are critical factors. The buttons are big and good, making it easy to mouse or touch screen vykorystannii.It would also be a good first calculator for a child just just started their journey in a magical charm.

Back to Basics

Straight calculator says welcome back for ease of early computer programming. If all you need is to add to your shopping list is not exhaustive.

Basic Calculator 1

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