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“Bridgend” is Sarah and her father, Dave, as they come in a small village in the county of Bridgend. haunts the village of suicide among young people, and Sarah falls in love with a dangerous agers, Jamie, while Dave, as the new city police trying to prevent suicide after secret. The film is an uncompromising story focuses on the relationship between vulnerable agers and their parents, who remained in the dark. the story of the film is based on the suicide cluster amazing, which took place in Bridgend County, former state small coal producers in Wales. In the period from December 2007 to January 2012 and seventy-nine suicides officially been done in this area. Most of the victims were old, were hanged and left suicide notes. agers Danish filmmaker Jeppe RNDE who left the province for six years and wrote a screenplay based on the story of their lives. Bridgend RNDE first feature film. It is entirely shot in leases …

Director: Jeppe RNDE

Authors: Jeppe RNDE, Torben Bech

Stars: Hana Murray, Josh O’Connor, Rawlins

Genre: Drama

Country: Denmark

Language: English


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Bridgend 2016 HDRip

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