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After three payments are set in World War II, Call of Duty 4 scene changes and race in the 21st century to fight in the war against terrorism.

Mission realistic and unpredictable

Due to the nature of warfare in the 21st century, has pryydetstsasutyknutstsa with some high-risk situations in chamadaDuty 4: Modern Warfare. Get ready to meet the enemy, who usesurprise advanced control strategies tacticsand. Fortunately, you and your allies will have a full arsenal of the latesttools.

The new devices, pryznachanyyadlya fight with the latest technology at their disposal. In Call of Duty 4, you can utilizarlentes infrared, or heat detectors in latestgeneration armor. Add to thisweapons as the long-distance rifle and powerful rocket launcher, and will be ready for war.

klichDuty 4: Modern Warfare offers a version thanprevious experience much more challenging, not only new weapons, but some taméndebido stealthoperations it should be donedead overnight, not only is using heavy weapons, but the silencer that help to hide it overnight.

Vrezultate mission changed dramatically. Many of them overnight, while some of them require you to attack the enemy by surprise, offering some really strange situation in terms of game. In this regard, different places in places as diverse as the desert, the North Sea and many places around the world play an important role Ugra. The game creators even said thatbeingmodernamedios released in its full detail plungeinto showing some combat situations, which can be described as nothing more than real.


Of course, game’scontrols areoutstanding, and would not be an exaggeration to say that the accuracy is amazing. enhanced awareness does moifácil to destroy enemies, no matter where they come from.

war grafichnoprigolomshliva

klichDuty 4: Modern Warfare has a spectacular graphics.You’ll find a very realistic scenario, the war destroyedcities, and ruined in the fire, as well as some stunning visuals, Smoke includingvolumetricexplosións or shooting guns, and very detailed copies of some of the newer trucks.

gukeffectsinCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare also realistic. The sound is real enough shots to use, and the opportunity to shake vibuhimayut around theroom, if you have the right audio equipment.

modernoGuerra: Essential

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is abavyazkovymVaennyya. With just great graphics, sound and, most importantly,gameplay, Infinity Ward has changed the historical period, leaving after World War II to a completely new expereince.

Call of Duty 4

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