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Wilson 3Owen cars Lightning McQueen voice came on the third cycle of the Pixar “Cars” in. Marcus transferred to other characters, mother, Sally, and more.


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General Author: August 24 2017

Genre: Animation / Opera

One time 43 minutes

Dispenser: Walt Disney Pictures

Players Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin

Director: Brian price

Format: 2D

The new generation of the speed of light racer, legendary Lightning McQueen (MarcusVox Wilson), he suddenly pushed her beloved sport.Recovery of the game, Cruz, the rose (the voice of Alonzo Cristel) art history lovers will be racing the young men, the help of the technician, hoping to overcome the spirit by their wisdom, as well as it has in the European rounds of the Hudson and Hymenoptera, and set before them is an unexpected event, and it was wonderful. # 95 still can not test the heart Pombo racing for the Champions Cup trophy.

Cars 3.2017

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