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Gry meets the old, charming, happy and successful twin brother Dru, who wants to work with Heist with a criminal past. After he was fired from the fight against the Villain League, because he did not lead the last villain to threaten the human race, so that Gru is surrounded by a major identity crisis.But when a mysterious stranger appears to inform Gro that he lost the twin brothers – sisters who threw asaingin followed in the footsteps of his sister disgraced by a former super villain wiederentdeckenWee feels good to be bad

The team that brought you Evil Me, I’m Evil2 and Mignoni, Grue back to the adventure, Lucy, the charming daughter – continue and Minion – Margot, Edith and Agnes. Brett the villain Balthasar is a former star of a child who grew up to become obsessed with her character in the 80-antelah game, and turned out to be the most formidable enemy of Zhuravel.

Despicable Me 3

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