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DU Meter is an application that helps to network the traffic or data that needs to be adjusted by your system without the need for expensive software.

ICH Meter is a free program that for me, flexible system events includes advanced device and works with almost all types of network connections including telephone modem, DSL, cable modem, LAN and satellite. DU meters can monitor unexpected changes or expect and also receive warningsfor opasniIliUnexpected netwerkactiviteit.Heel general use ICH are quite an impressive package upgraded, which greatly improves the graphical user interface and a new mini mode, in which the program-containing works are very discreet. In addition, the program now uses in real databasedie engine more accurate and detailed warnings allow unusual network activities. It is to be noted that Windows Vista DU Meter is easy to use thanks to reach the gadget pageLentaCheap is not available in other versions of Windows.

Large network monitoring and prevention of unexpected loss of internet or unusual activities, I meters have it all.


Correction Localization

Poor locate broken after upgrading from version: Some files for localization are not updated during the upgrade.

Language setting in the DU meter options does not reflect the actual language of the GUIv force.

VariousBug fixes, and minor errors in the translated text.

Titelvan DU meter showed the wrong text after changing the language.

Customizations GUI

I meter task tape does not work properly on Windows Server 2008 R2 or when the Windows 7 classic force force theme.

Network Viewer does not show the names of some processes.

Network connection viewer now full poddarzhaIPv6.

Mini mode is activated by a double-click or the function bar Taskliste DU Meter is activatedor not.

DU Meter “Piep” sounded bad.

Notification Dialog Box does not appear as full-screen display (video game, etc.)

Two reports of the communication were sometimes displayed after the restart.

Adjust when moving up and down

DUFrequency action can not be started when you start Windows when auto-login is enabled.

DU meter service is sometimes not properly boot on some computers Windows XP with SSD disk running (and reported111Error log in Windows).

Rare errors in the Windows fixed stop.

Installation repairs

DU Meter Installer should not continue with the installation as a Underfill Engine (BFE) does not work properly on the user’s computer.

ER Meter Service nietHet defined explicitly as a function of motor base filtering in Windows Vista and later.

DU Meter service reinstalled sometimes light service, not properly during the updateis registered.

Other bug fixes

Error corrected report busy DU measure: Errors are not always included in the registry of errors.

Report a bug on DU meters can grow without restriction: the new component avoided billing errors.

Check leakage determined in DU Meter service: DU meter handles can leak when no one is logged on and desktop notifications are scheduled to run.

IPv4 mask filter was not applied correctly when optionsDU meter is set to filter customer-specific IP address.

DU Meter 6

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