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FIFA 11 is the latest edition of the popular series EAS football game. It includes a lot of improvements over FIFA 10 that make it ridiculously realistic simulation of real and worthy competitor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

After the original version of FIFA blown away, it was discovered that it is hard to imagine how EA could potentially improve their football smooth Yes. However, after several games to open the demo version, that is changing, not just cosmetic.

refined gameplay

ImproveFIFA 11 gameplay make it much more like real football. The new Personality + system means that players move around and act like they do in real life. This means, for example, that associated Rooney in Manchester back around the sphere when hes not possess; Dimitar Berbatov strajkwięcej partner is content to stay and wait for something to happen!

Other settings YAAI help FIFA 11 is the latest version of the most interesting. For example, crosses, is now more common Vermaut a playerto get the ball. You will also notice that the players are a little faster than FIFA 10.

Another important change in FIFA 11 is able to control the shot and czujenaturalny that adds an additional element of gameplay.

Handball was first introduced in FIFA 11. When the defense is ranked nzurikatika the line of fire can keep on hand to prevent it. handballs cycle slightly higher than they would in real life, but you can turn them off, or explain QUENON will happen in disputepenalty.

FIFA 11 also features a system of passing more sophisticated dającwiększą control of ball distribution. Pro Passing feature allows properly measure passes, and your weight. obtaining passports has been greatly strengthened, and now you can do Leave your passport, cinema, LOB and driven to apply backspin balls.

One of the changes is not like the new system of penalties, which relies on the power bar. Making the indicator on the corresponding web leads is very difícilporquetime to adjust to the press that does przycisk.To a penalty point in FIFA 11 are difficult to implement.

graphical improvements

In light of the first FIFA 11s graphics does not seem so different from those in version mwisho.Mara when you start seeing replays and close-ups, however, to recognize that the player, now looks more realistic. EA modeled player faces and photos using facial expressions are much more diverse and vary according to defend the player.

PonadtoInne clean and FIFA 11 is the ability to uploadtheir own sound to use in the game. You can record your own songs, add songs are the real band and music that define the team runs out.

NjiaFIFA11 game still has a lot of game modes, including officially licensed leagues, presentations, training and Be a Pro. One big change this time is rehashing the head of state, who is currently working znanyjakocondición, and integrates and be a Pro. It is now more involved in this beginning as a player before becominga coach and player finally a full-fledged director.

These new features interesting and very smart, so the gameplay of FIFA 11 quintessentialsoka SIM card.

FIFA 11.2

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