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FileMaker Pro is powerful and easy-to-use database platforms support a graphical user interface (GUI) and the use of improved security features. This software can create their own database solutions for your business in one of the Windows platform, Mac,IOS and the Internet to make a run. FileMaker was originally designed for DOS applications, but now use the mouse and easy to use in all sectors of society in the development and the environment daitekeplataformaMetvykarystovvayuchy.

FileMaker Pro includes advanced featuresFileMaker Pro plus advanced configuration and development tools to create, manage and share all the bases. Design and development of advanced tools to quickly and easily create custom application function, application templates, strong and flexible, and powerful diagnostic toolsthe possibility of reliable analysis, and a dozen more.

Key Features:

– built-in functions

– Create or change applications faster, easier,

-IntegralaSpravazdachy database design

– to connect a number of SQL-database

– Create a new design based on SQL

– Designand the development of applications faster

– development and customization tools

– makes the AES 256-bit encryption database

– Among other things, the automation of common tasks

– Among other things, the possibility of creating scenarios

– Monitor fields, variables, and data

– Reliable and computational skills

-And much more.

The new FileMaker Pro 16:

– improved auto-complete new viewing dadenyhz

– import Newdauden data (CSV, XML, ODBC, etc.)

– a new way to connect applications to other applications

– assistance to curl and JSON function improved

– Other fixes and improvements.

Installation notes:

-Install the software, do not run

– Crack the main folders content py directory

/ Program Files / FileMaker / FileMaker Pro 16: – The default folder is C

– start the program

Win 10 64bit – Installation ScreenNa:

FileMaker Pro 16

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