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Title: Flinthook

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Manufacturer: Games Tribute Inc.

Publisher: Tribute Games Inc.

Release Date: April 18, 2017

About This Game

Fast action platformer Flinthook roguelike elements. Get the most points with your pirate Hookshot, pistol and forces slowmo! Zip your Hookshot powerful! Your goal is free and anchor in solid gold rings thrown to drive at high speed around the plane, agility and quickness and giving rhaidGelynchiperyglon 360 to avoid through your plasma gun! hot down all sorts of enemies with bullets fresh! Looks really cool with slow-motion forces! Slow down time set your destination or stunt pulled tight – it often does, it ‘s very fast refunds and makes you at least 200% by space pirates assembled at random! Each level is special because of shipping in hundreds of Procedures Manual rooms are built, adapted by different variants, trysorrhyfeddoland populated by waves on enemies HAPO. Hunt for pirate lords cluster communities down! Feed to know your location Your compass heads creature, and then take them on and bring your bounty home. Their competitors are no where chumps, make sure you’re ready for the challenge! Collect rare and powerful cards relics kicking! All you build your legend appreciate prey – Unlock new benefits as you level up equippablei, buy black market and hoarding Upgradesinpermanent sites and relics collectors literature reveals some hidden secrets? !! I do not know, and there are no secrets in this game? O_OAlready a big fan? Get the deluxe edition for some extra loot! Included are: the game itself, soundtrack sets, art books and wallpaper! 23-track soundtrack by Patrice Bourgeault100 + page art book with a character design, concept art, storyboards, drawings, sketches and mwyCasgliad 4K Wallpaper – 16 Wallpaper enthaltenFlinthook, anchor Giant,The devil, sirens, space and Pattern Anchor!

System Requirements

Minimum: OS: Vista or later processor: Intel CraiddDeuawd or fasterMemory: 2 RAMGraphics GB: OpenGL compatible video card storage: 300 MB free space


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