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Mr. lossless repack DJ (Me)

Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition + All TSDO repack Mr. DJ

Repack features:

Nothing cut / recoded;

Game version:;

Precracked – installation and play;

Share of: Vitality;

Operating system: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win, Win 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit);

Installation time: 15 minutes;

final size;

Voice Language: English;

English subtitles, Russian;


companion Zeed

Dragon BloodArmor

M-29sniper rifle cutting

Normandy Crash

Sentry Interface

Collectors weapons acarfwisg

terminal arms and armor

Inferno armor

Umbra Visor

Recon Hood

Cerberus Armor

M-22a shotgun butcher

Arc Projector

Firewalker renovation

Appearance package alternately

Kasumi Goto17

Archon Visor

Helmet container


Aegis renovation

fired renovation

Den Gray Mediator

Another type Pack 2




arustanovkyhry, navigate to the directory where they installed the game and open the file”” WithRun as Administrator …

It is better to block access to the game fromfirewall, to prevent it from connecting to the Internet, and are now able to play the game enables SPI …


Opening «Mass Effect 2 DLCs All DDE repack Mr», wait about 1 or 2 minutes for self-extracting, open, specify a directory where they want to install a folder, open stretches


Stretch yourself by opening any «chastynuvykorystovuyuchy Another» WinRAR, open stretches

analluogifirws before running “” (important)toavoid any mistake. (For users of Avast: DeepScreen just disable antivirus settings) …

When you start the installation ,, click “Settings” to set the installation directory ,, ,, ,, cliciwchy next and the next choice of software required (Direct X, and Visual C ++ PhysX) ,, ,, again next finally on “Install”. ..PLAY game with a shortcut on the desktop as running, using

Always open game using the “Run as Administrator” to avoid unrhywarbedion / avariyipytannyaif it’s still fall to lower graphics settingsand make sure to meet the requirements of the system, along with updated graphics drivers for the graphics card …

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Mr DJ archiving

As it is, folks, to support, for any support and updates on future conduct archiving

Mass Effect 2

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