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Imagine a single platform that can be used on devices where you can move from one device to another without your work online. Imagine that this platform is a reader and think it is cloudy. Imagine that you can get the Internet, along with it, and manage your e-mail from him. This should be here thinking of theMaxthon5 / MX5, and this is the fastest web browser in history.

They are peretvorylysyaBrauzer in the tool

StreekTheMaxthon5 / MX5You can simplify your work online by using a browser that works on each of your own devices. The Maxnote feature allows you to place the website and the way information is displayed on future site changes. This feature allows your Passkeeperdie browser to store your passwords securely and automatically create strong passwords and fill them for you. UUMail acts as a virtual street skrynkaSluzhba where you can get all your emailsOf all the different accounts, you can create a rule of categorization and even respond to their name, but you have somea interface to use. You can even get a set of virtual email addresses and manage your interface. The tool itself is surprisingly fast. Most Internet users have been using random geraakom download delays or feature uploads, but if theMX5zdiysnyuyetsya supercomputer hardware.

SpravdiUnikalna a strongly integrated surf tool system

TheMaxthon5/ MX5 style interface, but basic in the most efficient and functional way. Intuitive tools and features for medium-sized Internet users. Browser business window, and leave tool and file settings. Each knife identifies additional file oopmaakom and tools, which means you quick access to the right tool or save your vklady.Zakrytyy to support a clean looking browser. Your progress is registered online, so even if you stop using vanilla sharp on the device,You can enable other devices and continue using the City MX5 device where you stopped. To switch from Maxnote (formally the information box), the portion for UUMail returned to the browser is a very simple thanks to the tab providing the top job of the interface.

Conclusion – This tool – a glimpse into the future

ZarazScho theMX5 shows how the browser can do, people will start eis.Dit from other browsers is much more than just a browser, it is an online toolkit thatYou can personalize at a very high level of your online activities Simplify. MX5 which aims to help all the impacts of social networking on developer program easily werk.Dit flexibility and ability to use as a simple tool for the ease of the Internet, even for use as personalizovanohoHmarna workstation. The previous iteration of Maxthon is very impressive, but this version is really innovative.

Maxthon MX5 Cloud

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