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Met: Live in HD Years of the Series provides Retransmission Bizets Carmen in theaters around the world July 19 Ser Richard Eires Production Bizets turns love melodrama and melodrama Elina Garanca as a bad Gypsy striker. President Roberto Alagna discourages his girlfriend, soldier Don JosAnd the attacker’s attacker Teda Know Rhodes, Escamillo, who comes between them. Iannick Mazet-Sguin does not give any results and time to the songs of Sakashev Mvingine.

Met: Live in HD Years of the Series provides a re-transmission of the Verdis gas pipeline in cinemas around the country on Wednesday, July 12, Met Music DirectorEmeritusJames Levine Conducts Verdis game ancient Babylon, Nabucco and Plcido-Domingo add a new role in her Met repertoire as a character from the title. Sopran Liudmila Monastirska performs Tour-de-force as Abigaille, daughter of Nabuccos goals, while inspired by Metropolitan Hor gives functionality to two-posterIconicVa ,;

Met Summer: Carmen 2017

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