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MiniLyrics is a plugin for various music players that shows text to your favorite songs while they naglalaro.Pangkalahatang-ideyaSinging favorite songs aloud is one of the smaller pleasures in life, especially when no one is around to see you. But obviously you need to know the lyrics, trying belt. Fortunately, this is something that you can easily find it MiniLyrics.Paano gumaganaMiniLyrics is a module with a database of the most impressive lyrics Most users face, even if it’s urgent MP3 collectors.Ito launched simultaneously in almost all music player you can imagine, including ITunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player. Then, just click on the play button and the program will automatically search for text on the basis of information provided file.These features songs tags for Atmospheric Research, MiniLyrics found the text of each song plays, including English, Spanish, German, Italian and even Japanese songs. In addition, several MiniLyrics not find required texts, they can be downloaded and displayed in less than 30 seconds. The program can save text files in mp3 format and allows you to see Ipod Touch or iPhone.

On the lower side, MiniLyrics displays a nag window every time you start it and even reminders on top of each file lyrics. This is the price of music fanatics will probably be willing to pay, however.

MiniLyrics is a great plugin for music fans who want to know what your favorite musicians sing about.

MiniLyrics 7 4

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