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Mobizen PC is a desktop version of the service to remotely manage Android devices, and others, some more advanced features than the web.

Your phone, Windows

Android phone manufacturers as well as highlights of the phone, and Windows does not get along well. Yes, you can access files and photos via USB, but that’s where apps like buruzAndroid Mobizen a similar system. Mobizen Android if you need to use Windows right in front of you, using your mouse.

Of course,You can also access music, photos and video onyour phone, wireless perfectly.

that allows you to record your phone’s screen remotely interesting feature is also included. dadintutoretzak or record video while you’re playing the right, but your phone must be effective enough to get the best quality video.

It is relatively easy to use

Mobizen konplexuagoaAndroid is a bit more than that, but not much. The first account, and then choose a PIN number securityYou need to improve.

Now, some will require additional support to install, what or why, or for reasonsthat are not apparent without further explanation refuse to connect.

In any case, access to the remote works well and without much delay du.ere can use your phone without Windows or even talk much.

Mobizen interface window that floats like a phone. move anywhere, unfortunately, you can not change the size.

Android and Windows, closer

Thanks, Mobizen phonethe line that separates a bit thinner and Windows. an additional ezaugarriekAirDroid for now, but it works well in the remote screen.

Mobizen 2.12

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