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This version of Firefox is too old and is not recommended for normal use. To download the default version of Firefox, click here.

Mozilla Firefox has introduced a handful of new features to this excellent web browser.

First of all, the Firefox interface is three much easier to make. This version provides seamless integration with personas, a theme gallery Mozilla Firefox, with the only new topics on teuNavegador Firefox with the mouse being applied with one click.You can also try in the browser to try it for use, simply by dragging the mouse over the name issue.

Another impressive new feature in Firefox 3 is native support for full-screen videos, provided they are labeled “video” HTML5. Simply right click on video mode and select “Screen Full” from the browser in a media player. Additionally, Firefox 3 has a new online service, chamadoComprobacionanced service life that helps you to check very practically.Or new updates of your supplements, especially if you want Firefox addictive 3 addons.

In terms of efficiency and stability of the new Firefox 3, the latest version of the Gecko engine and enhanced performance of Java. These two elements are faster surfing the web function as its weakest link. Although this is not the final proof enough, I have to say that I have been with oBetas and released candidates for a while, and I am very pleased with the reaction of theprogram.

Overall, the new features in Firefox 3 were not as spectacular as many other versions, but a better user experience in usability, customization and performance.

Firefox 3 sets its steady development and adds interesting new features and improvements in the latest version.


Mozilla Firefox 3

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