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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser with free open source software offers many features and settings. Their performance is excellent, and are designed to protect your privacy.

All the necessary functions

Firefox includes several built-in functions that can be estendidosnunha wide range of extensions.

prapanovyUkladki customizable browsing, standard on all browsers for some time. Ment of an integrated search engine and easy to configure.

On the main page, you will have access tobuscaGoogle box and a list of quick access to downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, sync and settings. It has all the necessary functions, and also includes a spell checker, PDF Reader, Geotagging ruhz, and more.

Regarding safety, there is an emerging Blocker, anti-phishing filter, and resources to protect your privacy, a cornerstone of Mozilla. Besides the usual private browsing, Firefox offers the ability to block sites from tracking you, and may eventell which sites are controlled by additions Lightbeam.

Firefox offers sistemuyakiEl ensures that the websites you visit that you trust, and make sure the connection is secure. The security updates are automated to ensure that you are always protected against the latest threats.

Also ofrecealgunhas basic functions that are spelling checker, integrated PDF reader, reading mode geolocation down to read without distraction, integrating with pocket and more.


nailof the biggest advantages of Firefox is its ability to adapt to each User, is possible through the many opciónsconfiguración, which allows the browser to organize and adapt it to your needs – including the ability to solve their favoritolugares send push notifications.

Many topics dastupnyyakab spice up your Firefox interface, and you can organize your tools and resources utilizadosmáis as you like on the menu or toolbar staff.

supplements alsoare a great way to customize your browser and increase functionality. Some applications are essential, such as Adblock Plus, or Video DownloadHelper, both of which have several million users.

exceptoAdicionalmente, Firefox FirefoxOla, service ephemeral as dating chat, and based on protocol WebRTC (so that not one additional plugin). Greetings from Firefox, you can also send the page you are visiting before his friends.

Since version 35, Firefox lets you have accesstheir propiosBarra tool stores your Firefox browser market.

One of the best browsers available

davaytseadna of the reasons why Mozilla Firefox is the ceiling of the most popular browsers in the world. This is a complete in functionality, reliability and flexibility, and gives you everything you necesitasnavegar Internet as smooth as possible.

Mozilla Firefox 51

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