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You may not know this, but you can choose to change the service you place on your web site to the IP-number, the real coordinates on the Internet.

This is not what most people would think,But it’s amazing how much difference is a lot of time DNS changes can be made. Google performance has recently started offering services, so how do you know when it’s better?Namebench can tell you.

Just download the file and run it, and be Namebench bezvstanovka. Select whether you want to integrate the middleware (as GoogleDNS) and the Regional DNS Service Providers (perhaps, Firefox)And information to standardize.

If this means nothing to you – do not worry! All you need to do is click the “Start Standard Critical” Button, and Startbars. The test may take some time,Sadness, just better let it run as you go about your business. The results will be displayed in your default browser as a page and table. Getyyavydatna, If you are interested in the details,But it can be confusing for beginners. Fortunately, the top of the page willonly provide you with instructions on whether you are using the service as soon as possible.

Namebench little neat app that helps to reduce people’s problems may not be known.However, it will not help you if you want to change your DNS server after the test. For this you are left on your own.

Use Namebench, to make sure youAtrymlivaetsemagchyma Fast Service – Can you greatly enhance your Internet experience?


Ability to upload and share their search results online

Options in the DNS server displayNodenamesin HTML export () mouseover

The image interface has been updated

Fast / slow speed of health check

New data sets are available (Alexa upgrades, misses cache, cache caches, cache, mix)

PCAPfayly import Direct Start tcpdump and Wireshark.

ChecksOARC includes a variety of ports

List of upgraded servers

Update library (Dnspython, jinja2)

Namebench 1.3

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