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Need for Speed ​​Rivals (c) Electronic Arts

01/2014: ….. PROTECTION …….: Origin

1: ………. DISK (S) … ……..: Racing


The game has been updated to

Welcome to Redview, in an open, sandy area where

The core of street competition between the police and players has never existed

stop Note that the rate increases thanks to the new scoring system that allows drivers

risking that their speed points will score higher multipliers and rewardsgreater,

or the speed point of the bankis safe as soon as they return to the hideout. More

The risk you take, the faster you can move forward, but it is broken by the police

and accept speed points as gifts. Hundreds of thousands of speeds

Points can be bet on every occasion and on every breast from which you will come

hero to zero


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (c) Electronic Arts Inc

Solidshield 2

11/2010: ….. PROTECT …….: Activation

1: ………. DISC(S) … ……..: Racing

Need for Speed ​​will return to its root directoryand can only mean one part

Police rifles and supercars are very expensive. Hot Pursuit does not

every claim becomes the most realistic driver, even compared to that

before, but he tried to be the most funny

You can play as both a policeman and a player, but both sides are very strong

cars and various bonuses to take them to the end of the race. If you areclay

It’s your job to chase your mine with all the necessary resources, including


If you play as a driver, you will often be in a car slowerthan your mark

persecutors, but you will not be bound by their rules and make their own decisions

big power-ups, such as radar disruption

1. Unrar

2. Record or mount the image

3. Install the game. Cancel when prompted to activate

Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED

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