NieR Automata FITGIRL PC download torrent

F and G G G R

Main power.

He is proud

Nir Machines (s) Skuare Enik

Data – Custom +

Action Type ROM (a) ………….. 1 Blu-ray disc


Nir: The automata tells androids 2B, 9S and A2

And their fight to restore the Distopia explanation of the machine

Rapturousli powerful machines.

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows64-bit 7.10

Processor: Intel Core i3 or Intel A8-6500 2100

RAM 4 Gb

Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7702 GB video memory or ATI Radeon R9 270Ks 2GB VRAM memory

DirectKs® 11

HDD Space: 26 ~ 48 MB


* Based on the pair output, held on May 2, 2017: 48 GB.

* CrackFikTriple Sec AppliesThe original crack of Volodya available NoDVD

Folder after installation, as well as alternative ALI213 emu for those who

Problems with CODE emu.

* «3C3C1D119440927» DLC On

* FURTHER piracy with protection removed and social games available

In techtsiNoDVD after the item that allows youTo play the Normal screen


* 100% perfect without loss MD5: all files are identical with the original after

Installation (for installation with both original video and voice packets)

* Torn Nada, nothing transcode

* Selective download function: you can skip download and install voice

PackagesAnd choose which one you want to see: original or re-encoding

* Standalone Installer-only loss of video when it’s lost after the game

He likes to update the original lossless.

* The size is much smaller (48 MB comprimidoDe ~ 9 MB, depending on

Individual components)

* InstallationTakes (Video loss): 20-40 minutes (depending on your system)

* Installation takes (video without loss of original): 45 ~ 70 minutes (depending on

Your system)

* After installation, check the integrity, so you can be sure that all will be installed


* Hard disk afterInstallation: 26 ~ 48 GB

* Language can be changed in game settings

* At least 2 GB of RAM free (including Virtual) required to install a repack

* WARNING! If you have a failure, “Promoter Creators” for Windows 10 – Installation

This compatibility with repack is set for Windows 7

* Repack would FitGirl


NotI like the loss of compression, but this game proves that sometimes developers have to use their brains. NaibolshDva video game Nier in the resolution of 1600k904, and not

Even FULLHD is convenient. And the developers are using the little rate is too high for them, even

40 MBbit / sec of 30 frames per second. If you do notLikes the quality of encrypted files,

Original. Keep in mind that your choice of espies will not be mine.

Install Notes:

1. Download torrent.

2. Adjust step by step.

3. Install redistribution, if necessary.

4. Block the game in a firevall

5. Play a shortcut with administrator rights.

6.PadtrimkaBusiness, the software is really like that.

Bulletin board:


SEED and enjoy!

NieR Automata FITGIRL

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