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Overwatch is the most popular franchise of Blizzard Entertainment for many years. The first person shooter with an indication of the MOBA game-game (multiplayer online battle), and nobody was surprised to find out he was stuck in Blizzard’s reputation for well-crafted software. Overwatch is a vast multicultural adventure where you play as a hero, anyone you want, along with other heroes, against other heroes.

The heroes arenever die

When you start playing at Blizzard, you will be given a simple list of options: textbooks, training sites and hero galleries, where you can customize the voice line, and even the emergence of 21 game hero games . From there you can quickly play (almost instantly sends you to the game with a random team on a random card), in the arcade (where you play the entire Sopas team, it changes every week ) or,perhaps, against AI.

After you finish the game, win or lose, you will treat a range of medals based on your performance, cards showing who of both teams have made multipliers for his team, and for some experience, then for the levels. However, do not worry: you can also reach level 1, as well as level70. Levels only help you match players with equal skill and giveyou have boxes to fill your gallery of heroes.

Hi love! The cavalry is here!

First you can find the challenge of the game. It takes a little time on poluchitkonechno only one hero, and not much else to know the role of each character: “Attack”, “Defense”, “Tank” or “Support”. And you want to know many of them: every character has its own pleasure, its ultimate goal, which accuses you during the battle, and an important partThe game is to study some heroes to suit your team’s needs, yourself, and the enemy does not. If it’s in Basal, then over, of course, too!

Is not beauty?

Graphics and game graphics are incredible. Each character is expressed with emphasis and gives a look at its region, which may vary from Germany to America itself, Great Britain, with the heroes of McCrea and Thrace. TheGame system requirements are reasonable, and graphic cartoons are not happy. There’s really nothing to complain about: even the heroic theme that plays when the circle ends, it works well for the game!

Protect or liberate the tomb

The overwatch is not less and no more than he may seem to be performing: a first person shooter with many options for a character, which is reduced to delicacy and aesthetics. Thehis simple game is hiding in the hidden depths, with the rapid transfer of the most popular most important of his greatest achievements to the most important functions. This is an amazing game for users of their genre or its concepts, and multiplayer, the fun it can provide is almost unlimited.

There are levels for getting learning tactics, so play it!


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