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In normal travel through space to a new home, two travelers sleeping in suspended animation, waking too early in ’90, when they malfunction boats. As Jim and Aurora facing the rest of his life living on board, with every luxury they could ever ask for, they start disgynei each other, they can not deny the intense until they find a ship in danger. With 5,000 passengers slept life-threatening, but Jim and Aurora can save them all.

space travel litakjauhkoloni the planet and thousands of transitpeople are injured in their room wely.O result, two passengers woke up 90 years ago. Spaceship, Starship Avalon, a trip to distant colonies planet 120 years, known as “Homestead Colony” and carrying 5258 people were injured in one bedroom. As a result of premature hibernation pod vanished, and the man adeffro Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is trapped in polotiprostir external, another 90 years of goal.

Passengers 2017

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