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A document about Peter Dunning, owner of Mile Hill Farm in Vermont, who separated from his family and often encourage filmmakers to make suicide own devices story. proud Dunning’sMijl Peter Hill Farm, which sits on 187 acres in Vermont. The ground clearance of 38 tourists and the departure of three women and four children, making Peter animals only memory. The arrival of a film crew making him the face of the history and heritage of him passing the hard-won wisdomfarm even suspected the significance of yourwork is the fate practice until death. dogged by alcoholism and regret, Peter bend between euphoria and despair, often preferred conceited filmmakers suicide himself as a narrative device. He tragedian on stage had taken him most of his life building, and now threatens to collapse under hem.Wanneer a postcard from paradise story and warnings for us, Peter and farm sifts through the power of human life,it is used and what is wasted.

Peter and the Farm 2016

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