Portable OpenOffice org 4 download

Portable finally hit the shelves, but if this is a viable alternative to Microsoft Word?

Well, the answer is yes. it reveals a beautiful lover, and this version of the installation as a mobile phone is no exception: the resources of light, it is easy to use and offers full compatibility with standard document formats, the latest .docx, .xlsx including, pptx, etc. from Microsoft Office.

draagbareDit six different programs pracęDokumentów ditukalkulu pages of text, presentations, databases,vector graphics and mathematical formulas to be able to. All portable applications easily in the beginning (Start Center) designed the new icons, as well as the icon in the system tray QuickStarter are available.

portable programs in line with our expectations in every way: it is easy to use (veralAs are working with Microsoft Office), and all the necessary documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more to form the base. No dagoOpenOffice a wide range of templates, whichmeans that, at the beginning of the work would never be a problem. The program is also well documented.

We especially enjoyed the support of the interface program OpenOffice Impress (similar aanPowerPoint), which allows you create at any time of the offer. But a laptop is probably the best thing about the new improved package templates and extensions can be downloaded directly from the website authors the ability to adapt.

Portable large dituinpresioa. This is a very decent alternative to the other room,and can easily be adapted to new developments. Definitely worth it!

Portable OpenOffice org 4

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