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NEXUS2 – ROM synthesizer is a new generation of the highest quality that can transform your musical dreams into reality terrific. Forget the stereotypical, boring, outdated, old sounding ROM synths and embrace NEXUS2 power włączyćustanawiając newlevel of magnitude. Here you can find many extensions and settings Nexus.

NEXUS2 sound explores new territory, offering sophisticated, modern ultrazhirnye storms of sounds koiTie sound as good as the best and most expensive equipment dostępnydziś. Powerful and flexible architecture- it is the foundation that directly supports useful and spontaneously attractive design tools. It was established in every aspect of NEXUS2 to create music of the highest quality, quickly, with minimum effort.

NEXUS2 32 stopniowyświatowej arpeggiator class record of transposition, flexible and simple gate trancestep 32, license branch acoustic echo Arts and modulation complex matricapomozhetVy sculpt sound.


You know, so we have: tanecznąTo music can not exist without those magical arpeggios that reflection in the head a few weeks after the song can be heard at the club. So2s do not skimp on the Nexus, designed by the arpeggiator. 32-step sequencer, transpose and octave notes and konfigurowalnypozycja output cycle – just a few controls that deepened when creating songs. Apply the template dodeleniarpeggio sounds NEXUS 2 to sozdatBushuet that punishes the soundbarrier or teetering tune magnetycznego.Jeśli hear it in my head, NEXUS 2s arpeggiator can do it.


Add your voice to the hypnotic sound effects, causing the appearance of the skin, using 2s recycling Nexus TranceGate. Working with freely adjustable speedintuitive sequencer 32 to align exactly the rhythm that you hear in your head. Use Sync synchronization and pace kontrolasuzbivanje prisoners add delays and subtle, gradual audio streams. Change the starting position of the cycle andpanoramirovanieZvukipomiędzy accommodate left and right channels to create a stereo runneth over. Or go TranceGate save special settings, which allow you to convert any NEXUS 2 sound pulsating sound wave of pleasure.

Mixer / FX

As in all other parts of NEXUS 2, we are stworzonyFuzjaFundamentals of power and simplicity of the Mixer section / clause. Do you want intuitive, flexible and above all high quality set of tools when it’s time to add the finishing touches to the sound of NEXUS 2. Dedicated FX presets to help vamDobavte sparkle and shine in the right places. reverberationianalogowy Phaser from Arts Acoustic, a stereo amplifier and two clause – only three ways to sweeten the deal in 2s NEXUS mixer / clause.


NEXUS 2 provides virtually unlimited modulation possibilities; Whether you want to use the “traditional” or fully and modulacjaBoiskoLFOthere, for example, user feedback Phaser. Let your imagination to break: just select the source and destination, and let NEXUS 2 do so.

System Requirements PKminimalnye

VST or RNA software

edytorPentium class GHz that supports SSE2 *

2 GB of RAM memory (4 GB or more)

displaywith 1024 768 or higher.

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

DVD-ROM device to install

Free disk space

4 GB Connector installation factory and content

1MK installed on expansion

Approx. 40 GB to install all extensions

Compatible host software

Ableton Live

logika6or later

Garage 4 bar or higher

Sonar 6 or higher

Reaper or later 2

Pro Toolslub later

FL Studio or later


Digital Performer or later

Renoise 2 or later

ACID Pro 6 or later

Cubase SX1 or later

Nuendo or later

Orion 5 or later

NIMaschine or later

studio One


youYou need WinRar or other ekstraktorsakate to remove or you can burn or mount an ISO file

Install Nexus 2

Copy the folder “Content Nexus» In papkuMestopolozhenie your choice (usually the same as a folder)

PobierzWtyczka automatically scans your hard drive (s) of the content of the folder

*Important note:

Our edition allows you to import any extension Nexus or through the skin

Nexus2 interface. If you are using an extension, issued by the other groups, we strongly

E importować.nxp large file again. Especially if you have installed

FXP executable filewhich was included in some versions of versions.

Our message does not require fixed installation, for doing everything decoding fxp

Proper application of appropriate method 🙂

*** If you want to be absolutely sure you have a clean install Nexus2, then import any expansion of the skin and affordable***

Delete existing contents of the folder Nexus1

delete Nexus1

Set Nexus2

Install extensions and skins

That is it! Done.

3Nj0Y !!!

ReFX Nexus v2

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