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Screenshot captor scarce resources, highly flexible applications for PC.

Screenshot captor allows you to capture images in different ways, ranging from the active window to a specific size of the zone, including objects, scrolling windows (great for dalLleoliad topto the bottom), and length even the entire space, which means if you have multiple monitors display abductor will hold all of them.

But the best is yet to come: Screenshot captor uključujeodličan set of filters and efektiposebno on your screen: frame, border, shadow effects, Blur and manymore. We tried them all and were very satisfied with the results, although the program can be done with a wider function Undo.

We also find some very good tools screen captor, such as the ability to zoom in or awtomatigcynhyrchu concise images that can go up to 999%impressive. you can actually see every single pixel in the image! One aplikacijaTakođe wide possibilities of the task bar, and lovely mini-interfejspo taking the screen, and that will make your job a lot easier.

screenshotEfallai captor feels great, but given the opportunity,it is really worth “yes!


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Screenshot Captor 4

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