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Sophos Home is a free application designed to protect every PC and Mac on your personal virtual space, or your family from threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, malicious software, and malicious or unsuitable sites.

The Sophos using generally accepted and accepted technology used by security professionals to protect information systems organizations. The cherry on the cake is that SophosgłównaUżytkownicy can handle the security of your computer bookletOnly popular browser like Chrome, EDGE, Firefox and Safari.

Description of the Sophos house

Sophos is crucial for non-commercial and domestic up to 10 computers in your account. Not for homeowners? Sophos has many business and corporate solutions that can try for intestinal organization Sophos Home bumps harmful viruses and prevent malware from what performance of device or file. Iaberfungsi as a fortress against hackers, scammers and phishers, credit cards, accessTo prevent personal user data and information. Sophos page prevents users from accessing the site or the compromise while allowing parents to filter what types of websites their children can access.

The most important Sophos kompatybilnyMac OS X and higher, Windows 7 and higher. It has a very simple process and the management tool Web security panel board. Panelboard displays mendalamtroubleshooting help guide and frequently asked questions to help users find their way to the program.

The use ofInteraction and Sophos

Sophos houses the largest panel board, the combination of wszystkijeżkownicy needs to know about their safety settings. Users can quickly check the status of security updates and warnings related to each computer. They can also protect additional barriers.

With a single click of the mouse, users can choose individual tambahanciri management functions individually. Users can request a copy to remove the device. Each page allows the userTo turn off the device / From the overall security of three different settings, especially automated virus protection, detection of potentially unwanted programs and Web. Also, security features status security updates, alerts, Optional Web filter and exclusion.

We are introducing the new standard in protection

As mentioned above, Sophos uses the same award-winning technologięHome diSophos company. He has praised several independent testing laboratories.

If you are looking forAfter an antivirus program that is both free and effective, then Sophos Home is not only met but more than its competitors’ standards. Simplicity, reliability and versatility are more than capable of meeting the needs of users today on the Internet.

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