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SpeedFan is a great program in the Windows Task Manager is the basic trust users. It allows you to monitor the health of your hard drives, the temperature of various components, as well as to change the speed of a fan.

primarnataSpeedFan interface can It is scary at first, but once you get the information in addition to the river, you are greeted by a very powerful application that can benefit a great deal for you all to troubleshoot PC problems. Functionality, plus the BIOS offers SpeedFan bank infarmatsyichymvashiotcomputer.

While SpeedFanuti be scary at first, so it offers a bunch of default to notify them that there is less danger advanced users are idle on the program warned. Then the program spits broeviza bunch of them, and some investors included in the user interface that elementatables, charts and meters to help you understand what is going on.

More advanced users can use the program SpeedFan and kakoPrime95padkreslits test assembly of his computer monitor. These are useful for provingtuaecomputer tools for consistency.

SpeedFan is useful for beginners and experts. A beginner can use your PC to check the status of their fans and monitorbrzinata (primarily useful for laptops), while experienced users can use the face adipiscinget performance to leaven SpeedFan.

What advantage is it to God, the observance of your computer is a grave SpeedFan istabilnastsmozhe.


Dell works will greatly help better support -nVidia I2C driver 275

manual control support -Teperte reportsATI RadeonIn state where there begins to be a fan SpeedFan (for further neochekuvanivideo fan set at 100% of the output of the program)

-added support for Intel X79 (Patsburg) SMBus

Added support ServerWorks HT1000 SMBus

For the sake of USB sitting -dobavlenpadtrymka

-added support for use USBkukjishta Sunplus, IoDataMicrosoft and chipsets

-added Tweek voltage readings and configurations for several Intel motherboards

-added full support Fintek F71858AD

RAID support -rewritten Ham and adorned poddrshkaArecaan enhanced, SAS Controllers

X. Each developer has been redesigned -slightly USB HDD

Added support for AMD Family 12h (Llano) temperature aid addereGenus temperature for 14h Intel (Caterpillar)

-ATK0110 trying to find a better interface, if they are available, many of them ACPI BIOS-enabled (if you please return assistance model is broken on the motherboard) Added preliminary, Fujitsu, Siemens support for the skies?

SpeedFan 4.49

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