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Roaming free PC game, the joy of creativity Reborn not for the faint of heart, because it will be a surprise and scare even the most demanding players and the loudest. Based on the «Five Night and Freddy», the action takes place in a dark house at night, when it is difficult to see things happen.

dream play

recallsmenarikkagum part of the film, in which the average character opens a place where you know that the results are not going well, the effect of the joy of creativity shown in the first Reborn. The entire screen is focused on the game is only one layer in the upper left-hand corner, which shows key statistics levelIt happens to you. The basic principle is to live while character-driven animatronic or another, tetapiTerdapat plenty of things to keep you busy as the game progresses. The Joy of Creation Reborn really make you feel that it is found in the environment can asyaroddishtoput you on the side, if you are not afraid of you. Due to the limited, that you come across, exploring the area, it seems to pose a threat. The idea of ​​each location in the game is that it offers a new and different from dicari.Dan reread you need, because there are some things thatIt may be sought to complete each goal of the game or level. The game also has a survival mode where you just try to trymatsAtrymlivaytse enjoy while you can. The more you find, the more you find and remember that not all of them were there to beI surprised, even if there are certain requirements.

Graphic and technical information

Thegrafik this wonderful game. Forgot general graphics and animation download over a typical game to watch a horror film made from the professional game. City has been improved how terrible soundand special music that Nathan Hannover accordance with eerie atmosphere perfectly. Due to the high demand on the graphics and sound, a good computer is essential. You must be running Windows 7 or higher, and have a computer with Intel Quad-processor or AMD equivalent, which worksin GHz or higher. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended and your graphics card, if not, is of high quality.

in short

This game is definitely not one for children kanakatau people who do not use the element of surprise horror gore. However, for the fans,who want to have their teenage fantasies in movies, such as the environment, it is hard to beat. If you avoid the killer robot or search lights are very necessary, this game is very easy to connect. Download now and see how slowly the game freeRoaming is possible today.

The Joy of Creation: Reborn

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