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Ubuntu is a free operating system and open source on your computer. This is Linux, a million server technology company operating around the world. However, all versions of the Linux market, Ubuntu Gratitude is the most important is to use, and the number of applications available for it.

The effect of all this power, flexibility and functionality? Ubuntu is the best choice for Windows.

Rival window

CymharuFfenestri and Ubuntu is difficult to avoid the system all strive for desktopsAnd provide a safe working environment, security and prosperity. But while in WindowsWill cost money, Ubuntu is free. Not only this, but its codes available to anyone and anyone who wants to make a derivative of the system.

To see how serious Ubuntu has struggled withWindows have been looking in the app store – Ubuntu Software Center – you can download and install cannoeddceisiadau free games, as well as updates to the new version. During tenThanks to the development of Ubuntu, which saw a number of activities is growing significantly.

Ubuntu has fixed a standard application and all the accessories needed to get started, more than Windows delivers an office suite. LibreOffice, for example, a factory operator page, a table presentation, and Firefox browsers, optimized for Ubuntu, lets you surf the web faster and safer.

The Ubuntu menu, you can start your search and favorite pointers hard while the file browser allowsQuickly navigate through folders and files. And you can install UbuntuKomitet configure each aspect of the system, the user account image.

Compatible with most devices

The pressure of the Linux console a lot (or terminal) where Ubuntu gorymyyy.Yn, however, are less clear consoles: You can open Finder, but you can use Ubuntu and how best without command there is no need to deeper understand such technology or technical document.

Ubuntu in the use of the environmentPulpit is the reason for manyIts popularity, are the Windows sidebar icons and even beginner computer user. Ubuntu is a pleasure to use many of the interface elements resembles a similar Mac.Mae’r between two systems in terms of features and usability essential, but Ubuntu allows for a larger client.

First of all, Ubuntu is a Linux system is stable. It is not clear or (OS Linux Other crown this time), but to make sure all hardware will run right after installation.It has excellent support for graphics cards, cards, WiFi, printers, keyboards, and other devices to ensure perfect performance.

This may be the operating system with the next

Ubuntu has everything you expect from a computer operating system: it is not only designed with lots of applications, but the communities are very active and useful for beginners. And if you are not interested in the lack of your programs and games, do not despair: Wine (open source softwareThe application) can contribute to increase the number of projects.

Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16

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