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Typically, a popular Messaging App WhatsApp is only used on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but a new brand of PC and Mac version of the application, you can finally use it from your desktop! All you have to do is definiraplicación just WhatsApp so you can chat with friends directly from your Mac or Windows PC. Despite all that seems to be working well so far, is by far not perfect.

WhatsApp now native web application

vielleichtSieKnow bulyvzhe WhatsAppWeb version you can use in your internet browser. WhatsApp for PC in the same way, but does not need to open a browser to use it.

WhatsApp for PC is also very similar to the mobile app version, so if your diariauso, he will certainly not take long to get that depends on their tasks. This version provides everything you expect to see (only on the big screen) and allows chat, send and photos, documentsAnd records, create and manage groups, change their profile images, etc.

This all sounds great, but there are some limitations for the application. For example, you will not allow, share, and add new contacts.

So also WhatsApp for the PC version that makes life a little easier and now again this is not something that will soon replace your mobile device at any time.

Everything has MORE

To start the PC version, You first need to scan the QR code with your mobile device as you would WhatsApp Web. If you have questions about this procedure, for the full tutorial please click here.

After scanning the code, WhatsApp account that the seuteléfono recorded with its new team is assigned and you can start talking!

Options in the desktop version krasyvoroztashovanyh (like WhatsApp for Android). The truth is that it does not take much trouble on your part all you need to find,And sóagradable due to the keyboard communicate at a much faster rate. If you have a webcam and / or microphone, you can also send a photo / video / audio.

Another great thing about the PC version is that the Internet connection, usually faster than the mobile data transfer is much faster and forward.

Overall, WhatsApp works fine for PC, but it all depends on your phone. You can talk directly from your computer, but your device móbildebe at any timeCan be connected. With this limitation in mind, eliminating behind its competitors, such as wires and cables, each have their own, independent version of the desktop.

Is it worth the wait?

UsuariosWhatsApp challenged the desktop version for children, and finally, although they are not to be 100% what they expected. Although the version works very well and provides almost all the same features as the mobile version, which is one of the most important is the ability independente.PodemosTo work just hope that Facebook, which made the application in 2014 noticed a mistake, and we can have a surprise in the next update.

Whatsapp 0.2

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