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Only the world’s fastest graphics software. advanced tools for illustration, photo editing, innovative and flexible layout and unmatched WYSIWYG web design. Applications for all their creative work.

What’s New in Xara Designer Pro X 365:

Make sure the many requests, you will have the opportunity to scroll objection, and then stick with it.

Animated better Reveal Reveal animation is one touches v11. merekaanimasigeactiveerd if your company is wWygląd and we added 40 new animation typeswork shows how bounce, zoom and flip-flops.

Parallax scrolling effect you need to give effect to a site is a kind of contemporary parallax 3D effect is created by moving the background slower foreground.

New animated scroll We also have a new form of animation. You’ll find 30 animated Reveal tab scrolling in web animation, animation linkingom the position of the scroll bar. Instead animacjiuruchomiony first occurs when an object (such as areveal animation), denied life when the document is shifted, and the animation speed is proportional to the speed of scrolling.

Other improvements in the web:

New media players and better (standard, using to play the power of HTML5 in the web browser, audio and video support in browsers which, if not, Flash)

tetingkappreview updated to the edge example include MS (Windows 10)

Xara Designer Pro X365

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