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ZPN Connect is a free VPN client that allows you to securely connect to the Internet even in non-secure connections, such as WLAN hotspots. In addition, this application allows VPN bypass blocks at specific locations for schools, employers or the government so that you can access whatever you want, wherever you are. This application is intended as a customer for the VPN service provider ZPN, which has two options free and paid.

With clienteVisualmenteZPN Connectis not much to see, but even if it is very simply functional. You can see that all statistics connections can view the prediction area and change the configuration via a series of menus. What is not clear is that any changes to your settings do not apply until reset, so you’ll be sure to close before you continue. Everything else about the customer is clear and easy to understand. Once in service, the service is reliable; Like anyVPN, you will see some reductionconnection speed, but that is the price you pay for online private life.

Balance An easy-to-use single-client, VPN, ZPN Connect is a solid choice. They do not have much support material, so if you do not know much about using a VPN can be a good idea to choose a pleasant option for beginners.

ZPN Connect 2

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  • ZPN Connect 2 torrent download

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