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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is the most powerful, comprehensive and full PDF editor on the market. Developed by changing the creator of the PDF standard, it gives you the ability to create on PDF file from scratch, convert to and from PDF to other known standard document, and the content of existing PDF files.

After eleven successful editions, Acrobat Pro is the creation of PDF software options and editing tools megjuprofesionalec. InNotwithstanding the increase in the number of competitors the market flooded every year, there is no alternative tools managed to get closer to comprehensive acrobatic. It is true that some people PDF editor to complete some of the flaws in Acrobat elegant and efficient solution, but in the end, none of them failed to keep up with the endless list of features and functions.

AcrobatDit take a big leap in verzijaprethodno designed primarily bentukkawasan. Interface layout and menuyou will find you will not be surprised in this new version if you happened to be a user of Acrobat X already. Yet this time Adobe clamp down on functionality. Editing is now more user-friendly, danksykoppelvlak point-and-click you can remove easily add new, and change the text in most text editors. PDF files can be converted now in PowerPoint prezentacijavednash without the need to remove the image, if you ondergaandie done ini.Borang in his presencechanges installed in this release Form Central on your system, allowing you to create from an eye forms from scratch, and also to collect web feedback form. Finally, they can now combine multiple documents of different formats into a single PDF file.

redhierdie new features, Acrobat XI Pro comes with a long listapodobruvanje options that are now available. HTML conversion engine that converts Office files into documents improved PDFsebahagian level, with the PDF to Word conversion(Both DOC and DOCX). Convert PDF files to PDF available (read by people with vision problems) is now more intuitive, especially when it comes to determining the order of reading the document.

Adobe Acrobat XI v11

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