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Beach Head 1983 game action / strategy used during World War II. You play different parts in amphibious landing troops trying to capture an island in the Pacific theater of war. At each level of the game you will be responsible for part of the second maritime accessfinalserangan to the original invasion of enemy positions. Each phase is essentially to be a very wide range of different experiences Minigame game. The combined operationsBeach-weapon States is crucial znachenieotbelyaza 80 and published, it is easy to see why. while graphicsnot developed (or are seeking to sendirihari) combining different types of cruise ship shot game on a journey into one package. You will need to arrange their ships to the island against enemy fleets are driving a tank during the attack, and then to hold the fortenemy to defend the island. The controls are easy Usually you can only operate the vehicle andis was shot once in a while – they drew minimalism. Zaslužena classicBeach 80s head graphics and clear sound can be compared to modern equivalent, but the main game is funand challenging. If you are interested in the history of video games tend tinggitajuk worth trying.

Beach Head 2002

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