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Judas, the son of Hur, chief accused of treason, the revenge of his adopted brother to the captain of the Roman army after he returned to the sea, and found him.

Epica and the story of Judah, the son of Hur, head of the false Messalla his brother, after taking prefect, was accused of treason in the Roman army. If, freed from self-love and the woman, and the name of the Jewish people to pay homage. Over the years, some of Judah returned to the country and place, but on the way to see Jesus, the crucifixion, when, where to find redemption, forgiveness.

Judas, the son of Hur, of (John Huston) loses in the end you Messalla was adopted (Nineveh Kebbell), already in Rome to thousands and back to Jerusalem and to his servant, to betrayal, with reason. The title regardless of his wife (Nazanin Boniadi) and Ben-Hur family boat suffered years of service. Strikes strangers with his car daring and deadly finally a chance for revenge, Ben Hur, who lost his life.

Ben Hur 2016

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