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Have you ever been frustrated that the files on your PC or Mac to your BlackBerry or vice versa? Then, if you try to transfer files, it is not possible to do that? True BlackBerry Desktop Manager can help. It syncs music and media files, your organization,e-mail accounts, calendars and more between your BlackBerry device to your PC or Mac. By managing the relationship between devices, it is very polesnoza transfer files.

Amas simple way to manage data between the phone enrekenaar

BlackBerry desktop software lets yousongs, photos and videos easily transferred between your PC or Mac on your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. This can be an important word document to check. Whatever the item, BlackBerry Desktop Manager allows you to upload to and from any device. It’s fast and iefikasen means neveryou bigokung file to be sent through your Blackberry if the file on your PC or Mac is not.

EnDeel send information in an easy way

With BlackBerry Desktop Manager, your gesynchroniseer files between your PC or Mac and BlackBerry, you can send data between your device and the participation and in turnSend it easier for other people.

Regarding the BlackBerry Desktopmenadzher

Since the software of our program and application programs to join in 2011, reached 718.465 installations and downloads 616 last week gehad.syHuidige version, and the last update took place on 10.17.2012. It is available for usersthe Windows XP operating system and earlier versions, and is available in English, Spanish and Duits.Oor download, BlackBerry Desktop Manager is relatively lightprogram not trebamnogu free space as the average program in the area of ​​software tools. It is a very popular program in countries such asIndonesia, India and South Africa.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager B34

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