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CadSoft Eagle Professional Vehicle (x86 / x64)

Eagle, The simple graphical layout editor software is a powerful PCB design application tailored to the needs of professional engineers to make decisions and those who are in school! For more than 25 years Eagle PCB design tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of electronics developers and developers around the world. Through engineering, a large and active community support and extensive ecosystem provides EAGLE more than justThe design car.

Jednostavnostsoftvera provides a fast learning curve, even for those who are designing PCB new. EAGLE openness of the design, as a solid component library and open full, to simplify the design process for all. Flexibility also means the software Adler grows in ability and compatibility work process, as shown in hundreds of bars (breads) open to semuapengguna and structured XML formats.

Easy to learn!

– 3 modules with oneUser interface similar

– Hundreds of videotutorials available

– Regular free online training and free support through dedicated experts

– Forum active users, which help in the solution of masalahmereka form and give hints

– The operating instructions can also be downloaded or accessed by software

Easy to handle!

– Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac

– Available in 32- and 64-bit versions

– tens of thousands of free component libraries

-Continued (user BahasaProgram (Brew)) customizable functions,

– Ecosystem integrated large 3 Partirešenja (3D-simulation, signal integrity)

Schema editor

Set your schema to 999 sheets.

– Electrical Rule Check (ERC): An error checking scheme and check the agreement between the system and Laiout

-Design Hierarchy: Schemes can be structured in a hierarchical structure

– Automatic generation of the board

– Support for the mounting variants

-Class Net Matrix

– Design reuse: combine different schematic / board partners in a new light

laiout Editor

Mak. PodrškuSlepe isyaratdengan layer 16 and Buried Vias.

– Fast, automated design entire circuit boards

– Design Rule Check results highlighted graphically

– Differential pair routing

– Signal direction Length compensation Meander

– CAM processor output data output

– objects putardi any angle (degree of action), rounded corners


changesBetween manual and routing time automatically.

– Network-based routers RIPUP birthday

– Without Grid routing algorithm TopRouter

– Interactive Follow me ruterza DRC established, smooth hand control

-selection Automatic network selection and routing instructions in the required layer signal

– support for multi-core processors to allow multiple concurrent routing work,

– Regulation of different designs Used

System requirements:

– Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows8 and 10.

– 64-bitshort eagle requires64-bit versions of the operating system.

CadSoft Eagle-7 Release Notes

CadSoft Eagle Professional 7

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