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Carbon Copy Cloner backup is better than regular backups. Suppose the unthinkable happens when you’re under a deadline to complete the project – Mac you do not respond, and all you hear is pleasant, repetitive clicking noise coming from his hard disk. With normal backups, you will spend your days walking to the store to buy a new hard drive, and then sit in front of your computer and reinstall the operating system recovery data.

Intuitive: The completely redesigned interface that contains all the functions used most often at your fingertips.

More efficient: the middle of the disk cloning work and integrated into a single console window.

Easy: New user-friendly interface allows you to remove the regime is full of visual and assistant in three clicks. Interest clone.

Chaining tasks: Tasks can be connected to each other to form additional procedures are more complex.

Change scheduled tasks: Yes, in the end, you can change your job.

The email message: Configure your email account once and use some functions. There are also new ways to configure e-mail notification about the CCC.

Scheduling Tasks: task start hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or every time you connect to the backup drive. This work is limited to work on weekdays or weekends. By default, this task will not run when the laptop is running on battery power, and the work will start after power is restored.

Administrators need to authenticate only once. Age: Authentication is no longer necessary every time you want to perform a task. CCC will require confirmation by the user after the rule, and then the user will be able to access with one click to start, stop, and configure applications. ordinary users will need to confirm and administrator to start, stop, or configure additional jobs.

History Challenge: Quickly see if your job is to work, and if they succeed. Prevention and feature names, the source volume, destination volume, or work on. Get detailed information Recommendation problem that caused the error.

Center disc: quickly learn more about your volumes, or create a Recovery HD, continuously to easily view all tasks associated with the selected disk, and the last time the race all his work.

Backup settings: All your favorite features are still available via the advanced settings mode.

SafetyNet: Create a boot helper on your hard drive, but also save a copy of your deleted files recently and turned just in case.

Ap menu bar: tongueout: Keep running backup tasks, create a new task or do the job.


– Compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan

– A new, single window interface

– Modify a scheduled task

– Application Menubar

– History of tasks

– Simple display mode

– Chain cooperate

– Run only work on weekdays or weekends

– Collision detection problems (to prevent the problem from two entries in the same direction at the same time)

– Choose to run backups only when connected to a power source

– Administrator proving once ever

– E-mail notifications Customizable

– A command line application

– Visual Guides QUICKSTART

– Bootable Backup

– Intelligent Update

– Scheduled Backup

– Volume Backup connected locally

– Backup on network volumes

– Clone Recovery HD

– License Home

– Drive Center

– Archive modified and deleted items

– The task to run automatically, even if you are not logged in

– Back up the other in March

– Before and after flight scripts

– Custom Filters

– Cloning and coach for advice when troubleshooting

– Working in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese

– Available in Spanish

– Prompt, professional support through our helpdesk support

What’s new in this version:

CCC is now actively looking for cases of conflict on the target volume, if the source and destination insensitive. If a conflict arises in the case of the file name, add a random suffix CCC conflicting files to the destination (but all files will be copied). If a conflict arises in the case of a folder name, the folder will not be copied to the contrary. In any case, business disputes CCC report at the end of the backup job, and make recommendations to address the problem.

Some network volume is not correctly report themselves as sensitive, although copied relatively sensitive cases. CCC is now a test for sensitivity Volume network instead of relying on the values ​​reported in their number, to praise. With this change, now KTS can report possible cases of military events more consistent user when configuring additional work.

We made some improvements to import SMTP accounts from Internet accounts database (only El Capitan). There have also been added to the “Edit” next to the SMTP account, the pop-up menu to make it easier to understand how to change the settings.

Some improvement in the subject Gmail authentication failure. CCC now walk the user through the process of creating Gmail password authentication software in two stages included in the Gmail user accounts.

Added new icons historical conditions that should be easy for users to discern the working color vision deficiencies.

Added option “Always show the progress window” CCC menubar application selection menu. This option will always be available now and install mini-box performance will not change this setting.

Fixed an issue where the progress of work of the mini-window will never be seen if the user has checked the “Hide” in the next CCC User Agent Login tab, click Users and Groups preference pane.

CCC is now actively asking the user to restore the AC power supply when HD Restore cloning. CCC, or any application that does not prevent the system from sleep mode when running on battery.

CCC now rivals the preferential Assistant tool Demand volume mounted as SafetyNet now delete a folder on that amount.

space threshold to determine whether the compact disc image is now 25GB seldom or 15% of the container of interest, whichever is greater.

CCC will have to wait a long time for the pre-image of the disc sealing work will be completed to accommodate the relatively slow repetition.

You do not need to move the application (from the folder you downloaded Applications folder), if the application is open. Previously, to do with the CCC can cause accidents. CCC CCC is currently studying the application or file has been moved while the CCC is clear. If the selected function has unsaved changes, CCC will automatically move the application back to its original location. If this fails, or if there are no unsaved changes, CCC to present a dialog box, and then stops and resets itself to the new host.

We made some improvements to the automatic dismissal overlay finish the job given the task plan, if the selected job is completed. In some cases, the information to be given, then recalled to the user to be able to read. Now it will remain as long rejected.

CCC command line application is now able to print the job history in CSV format.

CCC command line application can now be called to send notifications CCC-brand of shell scripts.

Fixed an issue in which CCC would errantly you installed FUSE numbers at the end of the job, because it’s good and allow_root flag and set the root user (hereinafter “Sudo”).

A reminder that the issues associated with the task configured to run after the reorganization may be submitted earlier than expected.

Did not report an error if the source / destination, and there is no incentive to work, as soon as the number of missing reappeared that had not previously been available for the task is set to run “manually by pressing the Clone button.” It is necessary, except in one case when the problems caused by inference task. Now, this option is not available for manual work, but only if the function is called by inference task.

He added the “Task Configuration” for the e-mail template.

Improved error handling like this happens to mount the disk image when you select the “Restore from disk image” to the source of voter error CCC.

104 exit status currently causing global pre-script to delete a backup job and avoid career record of historical events.

/. and /. When removed from the backup job because of changes in these items to the destination is opposed to unmount request kernel stage.

Fixed an issue where users can manage the job at CCC, and then start working through the application of CCC (the toolbar is a separate application for CCC). Works will work with the old environment, although editors will present the user interface, which shows that the task runs with the new settings. Now, when a user tries to run using the editing function in the application menu bar, menu bar application refuses to start work, presented with a dialog box that goal is to be the last, and will open CCC.

fixed error resizing the window, which can cause the selector source is not available.

System Requirements: OS X or later Compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan

Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Carbon Copy Cloner 4

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