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Clean Master for PC is the Windows version of the popular Android application optimization. It removes unused files from your system and recover hard disk space. This application is very efficient, convenient and suitable for all types pengguna.Mengoptimumkan and cleaning to keep your computer sihatMaster Clean PC rid your computer unwanted files. The analysis carried out quickly and after its completion, the report will appear with all the files date, divided by type: audio / video, the browser and the operating system cache, junk files from third-party applications (allows up to 500), adverse social, invalid registry keys and other .

You can analyze the data from each of these elements and to ensure that when a certain file is locked computer anda.Dari menu option allows you to offer Clean Master, so that it starts when you open the window. You can also include a message that tells you when the junk files above a certain amount (100, 300, 500, 800 MB or 1 GB).

Finally, Clean Master for PC can also be integrated with the context menu of the basket (with additional clean junk files), so you can start scanning directly to a PC;

maximum usability and design Besar Master Clean PC has a clear interface and flexible with a modern design that enhances the content. It is simple to use and understand, even for beginners.

When the analysis is complete, you are presented with two options to remove unwanted files: Now you can click the Clear button to delete unwanted files are displayed, or you can manually delete some files if you are only interested in one category or another.

After the cleaning CleanMaster shows a bar graph that shows the reduced amount of space from each category.

Clean PC Clean sepenuhnyaMaster PC is a powerful software to clean and properly supported by Windows.

In fact, it is a powerful alternative to CCleaner and even less developed, it is definitely a lot faster and easier to use.

Clean Master for PC 2014

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