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August 23, 2016, Europe staggers politically and economically from

downstream effects of the British decision to leave the European Union – the

proposed referendum on joining the United Kingdom of the European Union. Both sterling and the euro was close to collapse and

global stock markets have not yet recovered from the initial shock of

British movement. based companies and European stock markets are in

Disorder, as they try to negotiate their way out of the new reality

who lived on the continent after a very turbulent summer

Weeks after the vote UK, France, Denmark and Italy introduced their

referendum themselves in Article 50 ‘away from the EU to continue

Greece, still faltering and the economy falter under pressure

Hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across

Mediterranean is forced into another campaign

Portugal and Spain have seen little economic gains they made

wash in recent years in the monetary disaster, which is

Beat them very hard. countries of Eastern Europe are increasingly

hard line “response to refugees and urge the government of the EU

Brussels some very difficult questions VIS costs and benefits of Vis


Both the Scottish National Party, which is in the process of fixing

stop for a second referendum in the UK, and Basque separatists in Spain,

Now, some defenders remain Euro. Turkey also

Ask stationary part of the EU for the first time in decades

Meanwhile, the United States is one of the most controversial and violent

election campaign in history, there are dozens if not hundreds of

protesters arrested in every political event at which the number of

political murders is shocking, both in the world and

Domestic political establishment

This turbulence NATO makers have to deal with a

Patchwork measures of collective defense in the Baltic and Ukraine

As reinforcement for operation “Baltic Air Policing and feet

training missions in the Baltic countries and Ukraine; a multinational

Brigade, led by four countries and five other troops

spread over four countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland)

presented as a solution. Even anemic judged by most experts, placement

US troops, British, Canadian and German in the Baltic States is a

with involvement in that region, if Russia attacked

All the alliances not only attack local forces

excitement is not lost by Russia. destabilizes NATO

politically, the whole idea of ​​a command structure constant

Ability to respond quickly is concerned. Baltic states (Latvia

Lithuania and Estonia) are on the page since long been a thorn

Russian Federation: Large population is ethnically Russian;

strategically isolate the key Baltic Defence, Kaliningrad;

politically should never be allowed to slip into NATO,

Sphere of influence. Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity for the right

past mistakes and training of the new force where and when NATO

weakest. If the Baltic countries taking a short 1-2 day

Campaign without the inclination world another global conflict, NATO

may never recover. A window of opportunity is before

MNB determines when their plane was engaged and

Without NATO troops floor is much easier to appease

The second situation is that any proposed referendum on joining the United Kingdom of the European Union, no problem! “Does it portray a

contiguous, not destabilize NATO response


Two scenarios for the response to a NATO simulation intensified Russian

Invasion of the Baltic states in two different situations: 1)

speculated delayed response to European political complications

caused by the proposed referendum on joining the United Kingdom and the European Union follow branches, and; 2) If the proposed referendum on joining the United Kingdom of the European Union is not

passing and / or Europe is fast with the new reality on the handle, as

NATO has responded to the crisis in a coherent way

intensive air and maritime conflicts and overcrowding flat

Baltic waters

The implementation of medium tanks criteria undo cause boat

abandon their mission and return to port for repairs or rearm

Damage. Making extensive use of force Lua scripting for resistance, as

develops the political situation

Some of the most modern equipment in use; F-22 fighter Euro

Typhoon in the mosaic to fight the Russian SS-26 Iskander

Short Range Ballistic Missile system S-400 SAMs, SM-3 – Theatre

ballistic missile defense and some of the latest and

Most ships of NATO and the Russian Federation Inventory

The possibility of Finland and Sweden join the game when NATO

there are difficulties, but for most, is based on an opportunity

repeat options


The game is made independent, updated and includes all the previously released


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installation folder and substitute

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For all the friends, family and honor rival groups!

ASCII art by

Godlike fantastic duo

malodix + irokos

artdivision titanium

Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command

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