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Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) is the first person shooter game for PCs, which is competitive for all online games, in fact it is not possible. Although originally available as a free Half Life mod that is currently a fully paid product on Steam.

What is Counter-Strike: Source?

Counter-Strike: Source is a remake of the original Half Life mod, which was built into the machine’s nicer source. Anecdotally, the original developer of’m Studios Turtle atymer,Which later became known as the Left 4 Dead Game Maker that.

Counter-Strike: The source game remains the same. This concentrated FPS shoots both players as terrorists and SWAT fighters who have to fight against each other, trying to accomplish a number of goals (for example hostages supposedly hostages). The ultimate goal is to get qualifying rounds against the opposing team.

Warning: five minutes of playing Counter-Strike: Source and maybe eLearning social lifeIt becomes a past. The anti-charm strike involves teamwork and strategy to win. It’s fast forced coercion (positive and negative) to be formed with your team. You really feel that you are fighting for your cause, whether you can save the world or destroy it. Each of them made a Counter-Strike watermark in online games.

Series needs a facelift

One of the main attractions Counter-Strike: Ffynhonnelly in his maps. Most of this remake of the original mode (for example de_nukeOr cs_assault). But whether new or old, the challenge of every CSS map is learned how to Dominate it to find all the secrets, anger and error to capitalize to ensure victory. No, this is not a scam, its game.

As mentioned earlier, CSS uses the Source engine (as seen in Half-Life 2). As a result, the game is visually more powerful, extensible and scalable with the ability to add effects such as arfermapio, reflections, HDR, and even physics with Havok physics.

Fortunately,At this point SSC old, so even with this you do not need visual repair of a powerful computer to enjoy the game.

Counter Strike: Source It is the first in a series of unique steam valves. This was a quantum leap in terms of online games, but many users were assigned to create a No-Steam Counter-Strike: Source version. We would not recommend the club during the official rhaini’r version.

Are you ready to understand his success?

Counter-Strike: the source is the bestIn series, and the best entry point for new players. Want to know why this series has so many followers? Look no further, download now.

Statement: We are not responsible for the destruction of your life.

Counter Strike: Source

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