Facebook Pro 4 Portable 64-Bit

Facebook Pro is an application whose only social function is to use it without your browser. It does not require installation and there is no option.

Facebook all in one application

When you launch Facebook Pro, the application will immediately load your Facebook page. User experience is exactly what you would expect: You can log in and read the wall, send a message, update your status, and change your account settings, betweenOther Facebook features.

Unfortunately, the program does not include any specialoptions or add-ons for new features that affect the use of social networking.

Icon on the taskbar

If the application creates a Facebook icon ProWindowstaskbar. This means you have easy access to Facebook even if you are not open to traditional browsers.

It really is not important

If you are always on hand to make Facebook and are easily accessible from the taskbar, then Facebook Pro is the program for you.

UnfortunatelyThere are no big claims to be known here: the software is the only window that launchesthe social network and nothing else. In addition, the use of multiple sources during the test was about 130 MB of RAM, which is a lot for such a limited program.

Facebook Pro 4

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