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FlatlinersA movie sequence in 1990 with the same name, a group of medical students begin to experience the experience of “dying” to see if there is something beyond life after death. Next, the group can review the physical manifestations of childhood sins and natural disasters that start risking their lives, and are confident that they face real or hallucination.



Total Release date: September 28, 2017

Genre: Drama / terror / Sci-Fi

RhedegAmser:Not available

Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing International

Cast selection:


Format: 2D

In 1995, a teenager who lives with his sister and parents in Manhattan discovers that his father is having a case. Located in Manhattan in 1995, sta of three women from the same family has a lot of sex, drugs and Japanese cuisine. Monogamy navigation, honesty and time lost in New York, Jacob family, who live in recent days, when people still have klitynytelefony and stillSmoke inside Adolescent Alidarganfod respects her father, older sister Dana finds her wild side and whose mother Pat claims that you can not have everything but her family together. For generations, he has grown up in divorce and wall mats on the wall, a stationary honest comedy about what happens when parents are friends and sisters are men.

Medical students try navkolosmertni experiences not to last the risk of dark disasters naslidkivpochynayesu lives. The students meddygolarbrawf experience”Almost death,” which includes a recent disaster until the results start to darken to risk their lives.

Flatliners 2017

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