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Google Earth allows you to view the Earth from all angles, thanks to a combination of satellite images, aerial photographs and Viev Street. A powerful search engine, much of the information and images available, and intuitive use, making it the best way to live through planetve but the sky, the moon and even Mars.

Explore the world with Google Earth

Google Earth is a kind of interactive 3DAtlas. You can see what (almost) every corner of the world is like. From the big cities in the parksnational, and even under water, the wonders of the world that are far away.

If the country is not enough for you, you can enjoy photos of the Moon and Mars and moving among the stars. search engine Google Earth helps find places to use all addresses in the GPS coordinates.

googleZemlja provides many layers of information about places, such as borders, roads, 3D buildings, trees, photos and tempo.Tamén can add content to Google Earth, including photographs of the site you visited. Google Earth integratesStreet View feature, which is available in Google Maps, so you can move freely in some cities.

Besides all these features, the Google Earth allowedTo create roads, distances measured, marked uDodavanje, store photos and even fly a plane with a flight simulator.

Traveling with the mouse

Navigation in Google Earth is very intuitive, and all you need is a mouse or the buttons on the screen. You can zoom, rotate, play and travel with ease around terrified. To enjoyvirtual walk around with Street View, you can start with small icon of man iliprevući street available (blue). Navigation is also excellent; It is easy to move the mouse. Search and find all the other options in the menu on the left, is less able to enjoy the view.


Google Earth is a fantastic tool and excellent for observing the Earth and our environment. graphics engine is impressive, as well as a large number of places you can visit in detail. texturesand proposed content is updated regularly in different layers. Google Earth is a program importanteque leads without leaving your CV across the world.

Google Earth 7

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