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9 new Microsoft Explorer browser is the most popular. From this it is the success of the first editions of the new and the new look of IE, Explorer 9. Microsoft has no hope of amendment 9 from the first thing to note is from a proposition with the approval of the interface. Make the graphic style of the most visible and the most recent editions of Vista, Windows 7, 3 9 looks sleek, easier than pain. User The use of the address bar to Google search and you at the same time is a more simple and more transparent than he was, and generieren.Zu Explorer 9 with Windows operating system and the integration of the series with a new material better and beefed-up. 9 IE, you can “pin” websites on your sites Superbus out of the wind and makes it possible to “Other” on the dial of the operating system. Recognizes the new add-ons slow Performance Advisor add-in Internet Explorer (remake film football before that) 9 .Internet Explorer offers better speed and comes to a new life and better service standards. IE 5 to for adequate support from the 9 to the HTML (the intervention of the sites that this language to the next generation, the rich), and the acid to the end of the Test 3, on a near-perfect 95/100. New features such as the recovery of the Internet Explorer InPrivate Filtering will provide the way of the web, and the experience of a more stable and secure, as well as others all Browser.In, the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is faster and more beautiful than his predecessors, – she really is a challenge to the competitors moves. Make sure to browse the other hand, stirring up easily.

Internet Explorer 9

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