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After losing his birthright, Arthur arrives on the hard trip in the last streets. But when he pulled the sword out of the stone, he was forced to admit his true inheritance – whether it was him or not. The young Arthur Londonium takes alternative passages with his team, not that his rodoslovnayaExcalibur know until he snaps into place. Immediately confronted with the sword, Arthur forced his opinion. He lined up in a riot and shadow young woman, who by the name of Ginevra,He has to learn to understand magijuoružje, which is to get together with his demons and people, to win the dictator Vortigern, the man, the killedgoroditeli and stole the crown, become king.

King Arthur Legend of SvordArthur only learns from his royal family, if you manage to get in the hands themselves respected Excalibur. With a powerful sword, now in his possession, he concludes the rebellion, and a woman named GinevradiktatoranazvannyRushing pastors who is under the control of the Kingdom.


Classification: NA

OpštiData: 11 May 2017

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

Duration: Not available

Distribution: Warner Bros. PICTURES

Actors: Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Berg Frisbee Jude Lav, Djimon Hounsou

Director: Guy Ritchie

Format: 2D

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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